Tuesday, December 31, 2019


New Year's Eve- time for reflection I guess. I'm not a big new year's eve fan, but I do love New Year's Day.

I thought I'd end the year with my favourite layout. Maybe my favourite ever, but definitely this year.

For a start it's an awesome photo of my girl laughing, it's pretty awesome all on it's own. 

I'd had a big sort out of my ribbon drawers, and pulled out lots that I didn't want anymore, and lots of odds and ends that I'd kept. You know the inch here and there that you cut off a project and think- it'll come in... and then it never does?

Well I found a use for them. A rainbow of ribbon offcuts stapled onto my layout.

Awesome take 2, right? And my favourite layout. Because of the smile on the photo, but also because it was a bit of inspiration that used up something I'd have thrown away, and it looks so pretty!

Thanks for looking, and may inspiration strike you often in 2020.

Friday, December 27, 2019

My name is Min. TN pages.

Some TN pages to show today. Featuring the youngest of our cats, Min. Our cats are all named after witches-  Luna, Kiki and Min. This is the tale of Min's real name. 

I couldn't resist this cute stamp- it reminded me so much of our midnight black kitty.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas- a layout with a cut file

I've never used a cut file before- now before you seasoned scrappers take a sharp breath, let me explain. I don't have the equipment to cut them, and to be honest, they're never particularly appealed to me enough to invest. I don't think I'd get the use out of it. I love scrapping, but it's not my only creative outlet, so...

However, at the December Central Crop, the fragrantly lovely Cal gave us all a kit to make this layout. It was fiddly to back the letters, but I love how it turned out!

Of course, once I'd done what I was told, I then went off piste with my black pen. Had to be done...

I'm not sure how to display this- I think it needs a box frame so that the stars don't get squished.

I really like the mix of papers, and the red backing to frame it all. Thanks Cal!

Thanks for looking, and Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas puddings

Guess what this Christmas pudding is hiding? A Chocolate Orange! I've seen lots of these about, so I had to have a go- I found several patterns and this is a made version of all of them.

There will be a few of these being popped into stockings this Christmas! The big issue has been my son eating the Chocolate Oranges before I'd finished. He's a good lad, he replaced everything he ate, but still...

Thanks for looking!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Crocheted handsies

I have no idea what to call these- hand warmers? wrist warmers? fingerless gloves? They have no fingers at all, so I'm really not sure...

Any way, I crocheted these from a kit I received as a gift, and made them to fit my girl. They're gorgeous merino wool, and very soft, but quite substantial as there are stitches layered over stitches. Really easy to do though, and I intend to make more.

Thanks for looking!