Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tardis....... I'm so proud!

OK, so this is THE BEST commission for a card EVER! My brief was a card for a 13 year old girl, preferably with a Tardis, a girl with the right colour hair, and as geeky as you like. Was I interested? Ermmmmm......yes!

So I made a Tardis, using the wonderful instructions on Valita's blog slightly modified.

Isn't it just wonderful? I've got to make another one for myself. The edges are inked in Pumice stone and Black soot Distress Inks. There was a lot of precision measuring and cutting out, not usually my forte, but it all went marvellously!

Now the girl gave me a few difficulties, so I went through my boxes of girl stamps (yes, boxes..... I know, I know!) and this one fit the bill. Girly, but a little bit geeky as well- stripey legs and enough hair to get a bit of reddy-pink in there. Plus, she was flying off in the sky on an adventure- I thought the Doctor would approve!

I added more balloons, for colour and added helium, and wonder of wonders, the little numbers juuuussssst fit on them! It needed sparkle (doesn't everything), so I added some shimmer dots in a very pale blue.

I'm hoping she'll like it, because I do!

And.... because I'm just a Dr Who fangirl at heart.....


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