Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Look at me!!! Organised enough to post at this hour!! Woohoo. No, seriously it's only cos the children are tired and still in bed (unheard of), so I'm nabbing the time to post.

Haven't taken a pic of my desk cos it's just piled high with non-crafting stuff. Instead here's the dining room table yesterday morning when Kay and I were halfway through our crafty session. My space is closer to the camera (well, iphone), Kay's is opposite.

You can see......

  • Kay's ubiquitous mug of tea (made in my new fancy-shmancy one cup kettle boiling dispensing thingie- can't remember the proper name).
  • The corner of my waste card mat that I work on- I've had this one for a few months and I'm getting far too attached to it, but it's too battered and mucky now to cut up for backgrounds.
  • The empty coffee jar I then went on to alter.
  • My crafty to do list (I crossed 3 things off, so proud of me!).

Right, that's mine, wanna see more? Visit Queen bee Julia's Stamping Ground and see if you can spot my cousin JodPea this week :)


  1. Gosh busy desk looks like you both had a fab creative day!
    Have fab wedensday and creative week
    hugs judex 8

  2. I used to use scrap paper under my mica mist spraying activities and it was gorgeous, but far too crusty to use for a project, lol. I use a box now. Intrigued as to what your one cup kettle boiling thing might be called!
    Helen S

  3. Wow, Hope you can find THE stuff you are looking For. It soo much ;-)

    Greetz, marjolein

  4. Love your space! Looks like you have tons going on! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Loving the look of your desk - looks like wonderful creative chaos to me!

  6. This looks like so much fun! Happy WOYWW Hugs Rebekah #60 xx

  7. Sooo jealous you get to craft together!! Three things off your list - that does sound like aproductive day. Happy WOYWW Hugs Cindy

  8. Looks like a lot of fun going on. Hope you get to everything on your list.

  9. There is nothing better than a well loved creative space, unless it is a creative space shared with another crafter! Congrats on crossing 3 things off of your list! Fabulous! Thanks for sharing today- Amanda #45

  10. I collect coffee jars to decorate ...then dispose of them when they have hung around for a month or two lol

  11. Nice looking desk this week. Love all the stuff to look at. I wish we had classy looking coffee jars like that but here they are all short and/or pear shaped. Not worth much. Thanks for sharing. Vickie


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