Sunday, November 20, 2011

OK, OK, OK, I've admitted defeat.... we all knew I would.... I've started making my Christmas cards. Every year I say I'm not going to make any, cos they always turn into a chore.....but.....whilst shopping in Hobbycraft with me old muckas Kay and Michelle, I had a bit of an idea for some simple-ish cards. I mean, I know I said I wasn't making any, but I didn't mean I wasn't making ANY. Just not loads.

OK, so apollies for the rubbish photos, but here we go. Simple kraft cards, torn papers, stamped sentiment and a stamped and paper pieced focal image. Plus glitter, ribbon and the odd cherry red pearl gem. 

Success is assured! I knocked out 3 last night, I've got the kit set up next to my spot on the sofa so more can be made whilst telly watching! Hurray for Christmas cards.


  1. I know. I said the same thing this year, but still I've started making them.
    Your Christmascards are so joyful and fun to look at and I love the color combo you used!

  2. Nice idea. I'm exactly the same. I'm making some - just not a lot! But I think I'd better make a start on my family ones for New Zealand!

  3. A beautiful Christmas card. Love the image and the colour combo is gorgeous.
    Diane xx

  4. Great cards Lisa, I'm only making for my 2 sisters and brother this year as it definitely becomes a chore when your doing loads of them.
    Anne x

  5. These are such pretty cards, love them all
    Lindsay xx

  6. LOL! Fab cards - looks like you might even be enjoying yourself :)

  7. the red and white polka dots ribbon does not suits with any of these cards. better remove it.
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  8. These are beautiful cards, really simple but lovely. I made all mine for the first time this year, and was surprised by how bored I was by the end! I still wanted to make cards, just nothing with Christmassy stuff on it! M x


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