Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOYWW- Happy 3rd anniversary!

Wow, 3 years of WOYWW! Congratulations to Julia and her Stamping Ground WOYWWers. Here's my desk today...... well it's not actually, this is the dining room table, to which I migrated last Friday when my crafting chums came round to play......and I haven't made it back to my desk yet. Mainly cos that would involve putting things away and generally tidying up......

Sparkly points for spotting.....

  • Octopode Factory images
  • The stamped and decoupaged panel for Dad's Father's Day card (how ahead of myself am I?)- for some reason I decided he'd like a lighthouse this year......
  • Some fab snot green patterned paper that I was brave and cut into despite loving it very, very muchly
  • The set of bizarre sayings stamps- picked up second hand for a song, which includes such gems as "The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas" and the incomprehensible "My mailman doesn't even own a gun!" If anyone can think of a use for that stamp they get an extra 100 sparkly points!!!!!

I'm sending a celebratory WOYWW ATC out there for the 3rd anniversary, so look out whoever's below me in the list.....


  1. Did a bit of stamping myself for the first time this weekend at a friends house we had a great day. I am looking into having a stamp made now with my Doodly Birds on.
    Lynn one I made earlier today

  2. Hi Lisa its Toni here Happy WOYWW, I'm at #70 so I guess I get to have your ATC yipeeee! and guess what.. I live in the west Midlands! I'll email you my address. Glad to see you have a lovely busy desk x

  3. Happy WOYWW Anniversary Lisa. Lots going on on the table. Whats the large pink thingy? TFS........Annie :)

  4. Hi there, just popping in to wish you a happy WOYWW 3rd anniversary! Who would have thought it would grow to be such a weekly treat for us all to catch up and see so much inspiring creativity! Here's toasting the next year.....

  5. Happy WOYWW birthday!

    Zoe #44

  6. those stamp sayings are totally fabulous!!! As to the mailman saying, its so random that I think it needs to be used just like that, randomly! I can see a gorgeous background with any kind of figure on it, with those words. Would make people say 'eh???' when they looked at it, which i love!! Have a great day! Trish #79-ish

  7. Happy WOYWW, your desk looks in need of a tidy (which is a bit much coming from me!! but we're all friends here aren't we?) Helen, 8

  8. Happy WOYWW. Your Octopede Factory images look amazing and I quite like the snot-green paper - wonder if Tim H would add that colour to his range.

    Ann B

  9. Happy WOYWW. Your desk is full of scrummy things. Thanks for sharing. Michelle x #104

  10. My usual space is the dining room table. I had to do a mad clean up a few weeks ago and can't make it into the closet to get things back out..... I will tackle is real soon.

    Happy WOYWW

  11. Happy WOYWW... lovely busy desk/table.. lots going on... enjoy! Hugs May x x x#4

  12. I've been trying real hard but can't think of anything funny to say about that quote .... I may get back to you!

    Lots going on, I know what you mean about cutting in to your fav papers, it's soooo hard!!

    Happy 3rd WOYWW


  13. Loving everything on your desk. I have been tempted by that lighthouse stamp, but kept my credit card safely in my purse! Happy WOYWW. Ali x #171

  14. Lighthouses are beautiful :) I'm sure your dad will love it!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Katie (38)

  15. Had to smile at the sayings ...I have a warped image in my mind of a dead dog by a gate and a get well card for my friend who has DID..Happy 3rd woyww birthday

  16. happy woyww, thanks for stopping by and good spot on the octapode stamps, just got them, not used yet. I see you like them as well, and stampotique, i love their images.

  17. Participating in WOYWW is a lovely way to "meet" fellow crafters such as yourself and see what you are up each week. Those stamped sentiments are priceless :) Happy belated 3rd WOYWW anniversary! Elizabeth x #94

  18. Snot green paper is always a favorite of mine. And so is this awesome group we visit each week. Happy day after WOYWW from #2.

  19. It is always hard to clean up after some friends have been over to play, but it has to be done sometime. I think it is because your brain is still active and you don't want to loose that inspiration that is still lingering. Well that is my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it. LOL

    Thanks for sharing have a wonderful WOYWW Aniversary week.

    Eliza #140

  20. Loving your creative mess! And those crazy sentiments are fab! :)

    Happy WOYWW anniversary!

    Ali #86


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