Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WOYWW. Brought to you from my phone.

I'm trying out the blogger app on my phone. Could be really useful to be able to blog on the go!

No idea where the photo will appear, but if it's there, my desk has been tidied!!!!!

Sparkly points for spotting the new chocolate baroque chess stamp set which is totally lush.

Had a lovely bank holiday weekend, back to earth with a training day bump today but then I've got the rest of the week with my lovelies.

Have fun and for more desks, head over to Julia's Stamping Ground.


  1. Your blogger ap seems to have worked. Happy WOYWW. Those stamps are gorgeous. Ali x #54

  2. ...looks like you've got some new toys to play with, I've got that chess set but not had a chance to play yet...thanks for sharing...Mel :) #27

  3. Ooh I love those stamps, both sets look fabulous. Well done for posting from your phone! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

  4. you're right, these stamps are lush.
    And you're a lucky bird to have this post up nicely with your app. Must say the iPad app for blogger isn't great...yet ;)
    have a happy week,
    france #71 xx

  5. Oh I'm loving those stamps! I haven't got in to all these apps, as I only use my laptop for online stuff but am sure once I get a new phone with such capability I will! Take care my WOYWW friend. Zo xx 65

  6. O my goodness.... I want////NEED those fabby stamps... great job on posting from your phone.. Have a good week, Hugs May x x x#34

  7. yes, it was hard coming back to work today, wasn't it!! Love your desk - looks like some great new stamps! Helen, 16

  8. yay your blogger app has worked :)
    must have a go on my iphone (my new toy)and try it out
    enjoy your new stamps
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  9. Great job with your blogger App. Thanks for those stamps!
    Glenda #85

  10. Hi Lisa - It worked! WOYWW on the Gorgeous stamps Look forward to seeing what you do with them. WOYWW Hugs from Helen 105

  11. Happy Woyww, looks like the mobi app is working, and what great stamp sets. might have to check them out myself.
    all the best, mark

  12. Lovely new stamps and woyww on the move sounds way too technical for me!

    Brenda 94

  13. Ive binned the blogger app necause it wouldnt load photos, so it looks as if it was a glitch! Handy to blog on the go. You're right, the chess stamps are amazing...lord, ive only been home from hols for 48 hours and already the 'dont spend for a while' discipline is pretty weak!!!

  14. Congratulations for blogging on the hoof! All looks good to me. Happy WOYWW!

  15. Loving your new stamps…..perfect those men’s cards that we all love to make
    Happy Crafting

  16. Those new stamps look great. Enjoy playing!
    Happy WOYWW


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