Saturday, January 11, 2014

Way too late, but still pretty!!!!

Oof, that was a bit of a blogging break. Busy bee before Christmas, recharging bee batteries over Christmas, slightly fed up bee without much buzz after Christmas. So. January. 2014. Hmmmmm.

I still have makes to show you from before Christmas, some of which I couldn't show in case the recipients spotted the posts, and most of which I didn't show because blogging wasn't top of the vast to do list. So excuse the inappropriate timing, but I have a few pretties to share.

As with every December, my beading bag came out, and some sparkly things were made- this is a fuzzy pic of a favourite bauble, beaded for the lovely Emma.

Christmas cards were simple, and I didn't make that many- time and inclination both deserted me in the end. I refuse to get stressed about Christmas cards, so I made what I made, and settled for that.

I had a couple of stamps that made me smile and some lovely slightly vintage papers.

Oh and some preprinted topper panels. Never used any before, but these were sweet, and quick, and easy, and I liked them!

So, that was some of Christmas in my crafty world. More tomorrow! Hope your Christmas was peaceful and, well, what you wanted it to be x

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