Friday, March 10, 2017

Lollipop box club- something new!


Anyone still out there? As you may have guessed, creativity hasn't been top of the old agenda for the past year or so. Lots of reasons why, and I haven't been entirely AWOL. Cards have been made. Stitching has happened. Paints have been opened. Just not quite as often as in previous years.

But. I'm hoping things will change a little bit. No pressure, no expectations, but I do kinda miss making stuff. I also miss getting stuff- you know, the buying, having, cooing over pretties that comes right along with crafting- papercrafting at least. So. I've discovered a fabulous thing, which everyone else probably already knows about, but hey....late to the party is still AT the party, right? It's this- a monthly subscription club (although you can buy one off boxes as well). It's a little box that comes through the letterbox filled with the cutest things. Although there are lots of unboxing videos out there, I thought I might do one in photo form to restart my blog.

It's a slim box that fits through the letterbox, so no having to pick it up from the Post Office!

One of the loveliest things is how gorgeously everything is wrapped up- there's always a double layer of tissue paper, and a note inside the box from Lisa who runs the company.

Yay, goodies! There's a theme each month- this one is pizza and popcorn party.

Cutest paperclip ever.... and attached to a tag, all reusable!

This teeny glassine packet has hearts in, wooden, red faceted and teeny little beads with stamped blue and red hearts

I should have put something in here for scale- these are tiny little pegs on an equally dinky playing card. Hello!

The yellow plastic paperclip will be going into a journal, whereas my girlie has claimed the heart patch for a shirt. It comes with instructions on how to iron it on :) I love that the backing card can be resued, arrows and all.

Wouldn't be the Lollipop Club without a lolly! There's always a pen or pencil as well, this one is a blue biro, with a bright funky design which has again been claimed by my daughter! The washi tape has half red spots on it. I also reuse the little pieces of washi that Lisa uses to secure bits and pieces in the box!

Bit of Disney magic here- a tealight candle which really does smell like the pop corn that's sold on Main Street in Disneyworld. Lisa always works with different companies to have smashing little treats in the boxes.

There's a DIY kit in each box- this one is to make a bookmark/page marker. I really like the yellow stripy bag too- it'll ge great to add to a journal page.

Each little bag or package has something different in- this cream bag has papers, stickers, a tag and tassel, printed words, hearts, gems and spotty ribbon. Smashing!

There'a s set of stickers, a card popcorn box and a paper stripy straw. Love straws in crafting! No idea how to use the popcorn box yet....

And some original art work- a postcard and stickers saying Love is sharing your popcorn. Really glossy and vibrant.

And in the bottom of the box, even more loveliness- planner sheets, papers, printouts and a frame. There's a lot stuffed into this little box!

I've got lots of ideas on how to use this gorgeous stash, but there's also a blog on the Lollipop box club site, with more ideas. 

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