Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas wallets

So. It's not a New Year's resolution, cos it's ain't the new year yet, but I do want to post more regularly. Life gets in the way sometimes, and I've been super busy with my new fabulous job. However, I'm settled and happy, and don't need to devote all my brain cells to the day job now, so yay! More crafting!

Let's start with a seasonal offering. I've bought some vouchers and tickets this year as gifts and I decided to resurrect these little wallets I've made in previous years.

The small one is made from a sheet of A4 card, and the larger ones from a 12x12" sheet. Lots of added Christmassy paper offcuts- I've used some from an American Crafts vintage range.

I cut them a bit bigger than the vouchers/tickets, and included a little tab to secure the fold. I scored on both sides before folding, it really does make the folds crisp. Ha ha, I think I'm hungry, I just typed crisps 3 times.... 

My measurements are pretty loose, but around  4 1/2 inches and along the long side, and then an inch for the fold tab on the short side. After I'd scored I cut away along the score line to leave the tab. Secure the tab with DST. I then cut a strip for the band and scored about 1/8 inch wider than the folds on the wallet so that it'd sip on and off easily. 

I decorated front and back and inside with co-ordinating paper an embellishments. I've deliberated kept mine quite flat, but they'd look great with some 3D elements.

The little band keeps it all clsoed and slips off- I'm not sure if I want to decorate inside a bit more- it looks a tad bare, but then I haven't written in them yet. I didn't want to give away who they're for!

Hurray! I'm a Christmas freak so this makes me happy! JIngle bells xxx

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