Sunday, January 13, 2019

My word of the year. Part 2.

Yesterday's post introuced my word of the year- kind.

Deciding on one word was tough! I went through a few. I was almost there with commit, but kind won. I feel that I'm already kind to others, but I forget to be kind to myself. So this year I'm deterined to be kind to me. That might mean allowing myself some me-time every now and then, or it might be being kinder to myself when I make a mistake. I need to commit to being healthier, but committing is a symptom of my decision to be kinder to myself.

I'd made the planner inset above so that I'd see it daily, but I also wanted to document how the I'd come to the word. I went for a travelers notebook page. I love, love, love working on those little pages!

I started by stamping the scribbled circles from this month's Lollipop Box Club kit and masking them off with amsking fluid (stinky!).

Colour came from a swoosh or two of distress ink on a non-stick mat, spritzed with water and then dunked onto my pages. Then it's the killer wait for it to dry, horrid when you're on a creative roll. I put mine on the radiator, it's a bit warped, but it'll flatten out with time.

Can't waste the excess ink, so I splooshed it onto some white card. 

I sponged ink through the feather stencil from the Lollipop Box and outlined them to make leaves and dreamcatcher feathers.

ANd finally I was ready for my word....and all the other words I'd considered. I just wrote them all on there!

I like that the white rings are the only clear space on the pages, it's busy, but there's a few little spots of white for the eye to rest on.

 I had a little helper..... Min the kitten.

Thanks for looking!

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