Sunday, May 19, 2019


I'd never been to a crop until a week ago when I attended one organised by Cal Summers not far away from me, just into Staffordshire, called Crop Central. Cick on the link for more info. I found it on Facebook and Cal and the ladies at the crop couldn't have been more welcoming.

I'll admit to a minor panic about what to take with me- I whittled it down to as much as I could carry, lol. This is my little tote bag stuffed to the seams.

And no, that's not a bottle of wine, it's my water bottle! I also took the wheelie crate you can just see peeking out behind with all my 12x12s and other essentials.

I had a very generous table all to myself, and some lovely people to chat to all day.

I made a few layouts and a lovely little mini book- I'll show you in the next couple of posts, but here's the first layout I completed.

I chose to work in black, white, grey and yellow. I stamped the spodges down the side and splashed some yellow paint droplets onto the page as well. 

I picked out a few camera elements with the right colours, and lots of appropriate words and tags.

The believe is sparkly and it's a Thicker. 

Oh, and the star of the piece, a little cardboard pouch gifted to me by Sarah, one of the other croppers. She'd had some photos in it, and very kindly gave it to me when I commented on it. it matched perfectly, and I'll be using it to store my journalling.

Anyway I'm sold on going to a crop, can't wait for next month!

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