Sunday, February 14, 2010

Art journal- completed January pages and a February update

Looking back, I never did post a photo of my completed January art journal pages- oops! So yesterday I scanned them and here they are.

I am incredibly pleased with how it's turned out. It's so bright and colourful and I enjoyed finding different ways to fill in each little square. February's pages on the other hand, are a colour free affair. Here's where I've got up to so far.....

I have one biggish section on the right hand page still to fill in. I'm waiting for the perfect doodle to turn up in my brain, but if it doesn't show up soon, I might have to go in search of one! These pages have taken much longer to do than the January ones, and whilst I've enjoyed all that doodling, I've found working round the day squares somewhat restrictive, so I won't be doodling another month. I've also found it more difficult to fill in the days. I felt the squares should stay black and white, so I've only written in them so far, although I suppose a black and white stamp might work.

Now I'm thinking of how to tackle my March pages.......


  1. Lisa,I love these. Always starting journals but never happy with the outcome I give up! Your approach really appeals to me and I'm going to try it out next month. I'm an avid doodler. Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to seeing next months.

  2. Wow, this is fantastic Lisa! I love the constrast between the colourful and the black and white. Are you finding it a good way to record what you have done and look back on previous days?

  3. Wow Lisa this is gorgeous. I never tried Journaling but I think I HAVE TO now. Just looks fab and having 2 little ones it'sa fab way to record everything. The only problem is I can be lazy to writ thing s down and I'm no use of doodling lol
    PS congrats winning the ATC of the month, I love the wording. I just started to buy the magazine abt 6 month ago and I love it. I haven't been brave enough to enter the ATC swap yet lol who knows you might get one of mine one day lol TC

  4. Hey, I saw your new year's resolution was to try art journaling and was wondering how you got on - these are great!!


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