Thursday, October 7, 2010

Artisan, Paperartsy and a Twinkle star

I had a fab time at the Artisan show last weekend with my friend Kay. It was much smaller than the NEC, and whilst there weren't loads of bargain bins to go through, it was lovely to walk round and take everything in without the crowds. We visited Jean at Crafty Individuals, and Leandra at Paperartsy, collecting pin badges from both!

Kay and I did a Paperartsy workshop, and the lovely Leandra helped us to decorate a little wooden arch. We sat at the pink station, which wouldn't have been my first colour choice at home, but whoo, look how nice it turned out!

I'd already bought some of the Paperartsy stamps we used on the arch, so the others might be going onto my Christmas list..... :) I also renewed my Craft Stamper subscription whilst I was there, and the free gift was 2 sets of PA stamps, so I'm a happy bunny.

Oops, nearly forgot to show you my new stash......

Doesn't it look lovely????????

One of my bestest buys was a little beading kit to make some Christmas decorations. I've so enjoyed making them. Not the best picture, but here's one of the cute little stars.

Ssssshhhh, don't tell anyone, but I think everyone will be getting one of these for Christmas!


  1. You forget what you're buying as you go round, you certainly had some yummy things there. Love those star decorations, a lovely gift idea for the teachers too. Enjoyed the day, thanks for being the driver :)
    Kay x

  2. Eek, hope there aren't any Racnoss inside there!


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