Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zombie ragdoll garden

This bookmark was inspired by a challenge blog a few weeks ago, but didn't get finished and blogged in time! Happens a lot that does.

I think this is my favourite Octopode image at the moment. She can be creepy-ed up or down, according to the recipient. This one went into a teenage girl's birthday card, so medium creepiness....

She's watercoloured (everything I do at the moment is watercoloured, it's so quick!), and the flowers etc. are hand drawn. Awww, she looks so sad.

Right, better go and get dressed, we're having a new meter fitted (gas or electric, I forget which) and the poor meter man will be scared off if I answer the door in my jammies!


  1. Love that. Never would have guessed that you had hand drawn the flowers etc. I need to get dressed too. Got up early to wave hubby goodbye (he is off to the Cycle Show at the NEC) and now seem to be stuck to the sofa watching Pawn Stars! Ali x


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