Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's tidy. Quick look now before it disappears!

I've tidied up the craft space. I know, I know, an abominable use of a Sunday morning, but it had to be done.........

OK, here's the views. First, the overall view, bit
dark this photo. This is in our dining rooms, in our extension, behind me as I took this photo is the dining table and an arch to the kitchen and the rest of the house.

From the left- with the door to the garden on my left, firstly I have the shelves which used to contain all of my stash, ha ha haaaa, that seems like a million years ago...... now it's got boxes with paints, inks, sprays, embellishments, fabric, flowers, chalks, pastels, films, clay, all sorts of things, third shelf down has files with stamped images, plus books to tear up, maps, and the latest Stampin' Up catalogues.

The red drawers are from Ikea and contain bits of stationery, adhesives, sponges, embossing powders, perfect pearls and odds and sods.

On top of the red drawers you have my ink pad drawers, with lots of lovely Distress, Impress, Stazon, Brilliance, Versafine, Stampin Up pads :)

On top of that is the scraps file, baby wipes and begind those, is a letter rack with bottles like Glossy Accents, stamp cleaner and the like. Squeezed down the side of the inks drawers is my trusty A4 Fiskars paper trimmer.

Now onto the desk! Facing the window, it looks onto the drive and the road, not the most scintillating, but it does let me be nosy, lol.

On the window sill, my orange rubbish bin, blue bin with bots to put away and beloved watercolour pencils pot.

On the desk itself- to the left some plant pots I've just emptied of pens, my fabulous pink ATG monster which it sooooooo useful. Box with new stamps to try out, pink box with bits and dabs to use on a journal page, lamp, heatgun (which I intend to hang from a hook as soon as I buy said hook! Picture I've made and want to sell.

The desk is an L shape, with the bit to my right that pulls out to make more work surface. That currently has this month's Craft Stamper, my calendar journal and my Works in Progress box, sitting on 3 A4 green cutting mats, a brown ranger mat and some A3 paper, which I use to line my workmat.

The lovely Mr put me the rail with the coloured pots onto my desk yesterday. Fab innit? Ikea again, it's got pens, glue, mini alphabet stamps which I use constantly, so they don't go back in the alphabet stamp drawers (yes there's more than one....), tapes, scissors and my favourite black inkpads. Plus under the desk is the usual boxes of things to be altered, a Cinch, a Melting Pot.......

Onto the right........ sitting on the edge of my desk, the smaller drawer tower holds ATC paraphenalia (backs and sleeves and such), mini ink pads and blending foams, gel and glaze pens, gems, acrylic blocks, stickles and at the bottom a drawer of found bits- interesting bits of metal usually, or odd earrings, broken jewellery, springs, things that might just come in useful on a project. On top is my address file, and a carousel for blending tool handles.

The taller tower goes to the floor and has a drawer for each colour of ribbon, plus one for buttons at the bottom and one for Flexmarkers at the top.

Then there's the pooter, with Miss Little Legs' GIANT keyboard (there's a normal one just underneath)

 Next shot- pooter and printer and drawers with the kids cards and paper.

Plus a glimpse of the new Ikea shelving. Loooooove it!

OK, top row L-R: Craft books, Journals, Colouring stuff- pencils & H20s in one of the picnic baskets, 12x12 paper pads and smaller paper pads, Himself's "locker".
Second row L-R: scrapbooks, son's homework cubbyhole, drawers with boring stationery in, white, cream and black card and acetate and a few more 12x12 pads, my blue "locker.
Third row L-R: empty shelf (wow!), red paper box with colour sorted card and paper in yellows through to blues, stationery drawers, another red box with papers and card from green through to metallics, son's black "locker".
Fourth row L-R: PC related stuff and scrapbook kits, another empty shelf!!!!, crafting tote, pretty boxes with bits in, Miss Little Legs' cubby hole, then her green "locker".
Bottom row L-R: boring paperwork files, ATC folders, Craft Stamper magazines, Promarkers case and cuttlebug, school file and more paperwork.

On top- library drawers (love them), my librarian knitted by my lovely Nan, boxes of padded envelopes and tissue paper.There are a few little bits on display on the shelves too- things I've made or been given :)

Whew, congratulations if you made it this far. I think I may have been a liiiiiitle bit too detailed in my explanations, but then when I'm noseying at people's craft spaces, I like to know what things are. Our "lockers" are because I was fed up of school and work bags dumped everywhere. You'd be amazed at how much you can fit into one of those little cupboards.I still have empty shelves and drawers to fill, but I'm not stressing over sorting it, because stash expands quickly, so I'm sure it'll all be filled soon!

Ooh, and I nearly forgot my stamp storage- on the wall directly opposite the computer, built by himself- clever old thing he is.

Lots of A4 boxes labelled with categories, in alphabetical order, or as close as I can get it. It's the librarian training....... so first 3 are alphabets (told you, more than one), then animals, backgrounds......highlights include a fish and reptiles box, 3 Stampotiques and one that says weird.

On the top are recipe books, a Stampin Up alphabet that just won't fit without a major move round that I'm not up to yet, an altered house and the white sweetie jar.

Right, I'm going to go. All this tidy space is making me itch to inky it all up! If you visit, leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Better still, show me your workroom and I'll visit. Yay!


  1. Very jealous of the Expedit and YAY! you have a printer!

  2. fabulous craft room its always good to nosey at other people and see what storage ideas you can pinch (a crafter always needs storage lol) I sooo love the last but not least storage unit the main man built for you fab xx

    1. my names Lynne and I didnt know how to post here Im no good on blogs lol

  3. Brilliant craft space, I miss our weekly get-together :)

  4. very impressive and love the storage units havent got a select profile so have to be anonymous ..jackie b/d

  5. HI I love your crafting space and shelves etc. I will take photos of mine and add in gallery soon. not quite Anonymous forum name begins with W, guess

  6. Fabulous space Lisa - I too love your other half hand built units !! Will post mine one day , Edna x

  7. wow lisa, love your craft room, love the space you have got for everything too. I shall take photos of mine when iv got time as I had some new draws & cuboards in the computer room for my 60th last november.Maureen.x


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