Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WOYWW- It's been a while.....

Haven't shared my desk with the parade of loveliness that is WOYWW for a while......

OK, deep breath, gird those loins, here it comes /peeks out from behind fingers.....

Ugh. A tip of monumental proportions. 

Sparkly points for spotting:

A canvas I finished over a month a go which still hasn't found a home, or even made it off the desk of horror
My pink journal
My Papermania ATCs folder, where ATCs go until someone wants!
The bottom of my fat (toy)cat- he's sitting on a pink cardboard tub thingy, hang on can you see him better now?

There he is from another angle.....along with more mess.....sigh.

The box had lots of goodies in it, so that's a nice thing, and that's my beloved Fiskar's paper trimmer there, never felt the need for another one, it's served me well for years!

Ooh, and at the back, on my washing line of notes and inspiration and out of date Hobbycraft vouchers, it my Miss Little Legs with her mischievous smile on a paper plate creation from school. It's been up there years and it makes me smile every day.

If you wnat to see more desks, get over the Julia's Stamping Ground where the WOYWWers play.


  1. I have a decorated paper plate somewhere in my space too... Not a beautiful photo though..I should rectify that, an extra smile a day is too good to miss, huh! I like the canvas..and the fact that you think your desk is a'll only take five minutes, just as soon as yu want to empty that box of goodies onto it!

  2. Awww! This was fun, a regular I spy a crafty thing!!! I am glad I am not the one that leaves my "masterpieces" sitting on my desk for months without a home!!! Thanks for the peek!

  3. Hi Lisa, think I managed to spot all your items even without the clues! Good to see you, I really don't get round as many blogs as I should these days, time... time... time... plenty of mess never enough time! I need a new trimmer, both of mine seem to have developed a bendy middle, very annoying when matting and layering. I shall have some ATCs to swap for the anniversary (when I make them I will anyway!!) Thanks for the visit, Happy WOYWW Cindy #72

  4. Your desk looks perfectly creative and normal to me. I work in that kind of mess everyday and love it :) Your fat kitty is adorable. Gotta love the school artwork, my room is full of it and keeps my smiling too.
    Have a great week.
    Von #48

  5. Thanks for being brave and sharing (psst ... between you and me, I reckon lots of WOYWWers tidy up just before Wed's!!) It's hard to be crafty AND tidy - you need so much to hand for every single project. I often promise myself to tidy up after each item, but talk is cheap!! Have a great week, Chris 53 x

  6. Nothing wrong with those trimmers, I have them in 2 sizes and love them to bits, thought about replacing them last month and chose to go with the titanium blades for the fiskars instead, hey they aren't too bad either, worth a try. Stick with that cutter, I am.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 36

    Oh I didn't see any mess on that desk.......

  7. I spotted that fat cat! :) You have a great space! Thank you for visiting my space earlier! #44

  8. I come back to have a look for 'fat cat' and found him, he is cute. LOL

    Oh love the card for your mum in the next post too, just perfect in everyway.

    Hugs Eliza


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