Saturday, January 12, 2019

My word of the year, part 1.

So... inspired by Lisa from Lollipop Box Club I've finally decided on my word of the year. It's taken a while to decide. I created a background for my word last weekend, with watercolour paper, stamps and a stencil from January's LBC.

The paper is washed with watercolours, I'd covered the stamped circles with masking fluid so I'd keep the circles pristine.. It's a useful teachnique, even if the fluid has a strong smell.

I sponged through the leaf stencil and used a stray bit of punched card with holes in it to sponge some circles. I used Distress Inks and tried to vary the depth of colour to give a watercolour effect.

Out came my trust black pen for some outlining- quite roughly done, I didn't want it to be pristine.

Rubbing off the masking fluid is very satisfying- kinds like peeling glue off your fingers when you were a kid (or a big kid, I still do it...).

Then I had to decide on my work for the year....I really should have gone for decisive, but seeing as I'm not, I chose KIND. tomorrow's post will have more about how I chose it.

This one is to go in my planner, so that I see it everyday. I've mounted it onto black card ready to be hole punched.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh it’s a lovely word to choose. And I love the background you made to showcase it, very pretty and well with ‘kind’.

    1. Thanks Julia, I was really pleased with it.


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