Sunday, July 21, 2019

Love you

How do you start a layout? It's any number of things for me. This time it was the green frondy paper, and an idea of a page I'd seen on pinterest with a black and white stripe down one side.

I went for splodgy paint on the stencilled sun (another Lollipop Box Club treasure), along with some splashes of paint on the side. 

I worked ridiculously hard to get the words "the good stuff" to appear under the photo section. I kept covering it up with things and having to unstick them. I was determined to have it there. Can you spot the Hema washi tape with golden monkeys?

I'm partial to a paperclip, and I like paper that looks like it's been torn out of a notebook- another favourite punch. I splodged some paint on the paper to echo the green.

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

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  1. How do I start a layout? Well not at all lately- I seem to have had a scrapping block! But maybe I can take inspiration from your fabulous layout - all the details are wonderful - I love how you did the date on the notebook paper and the paperclip . Your persistence with the little details really pays off. I hope you don't mind me pinning this for inspiration.


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