Monday, September 21, 2009

Altering stuff

It's been a long busy day at work today. I'm a librarian in a University library, and the students have all started back, so it was bedlam today! I'm a bit too tired for creating today, but I did manage a little bit yesterday.

A friend has given me 2 mdf crowns to alter that used to be on her daughter's bedroom. They're bubblegum pink, and she wanted one altering for her daughter and gave me the other one for my lttle one. Well I made a start by sanding them and painting them with gesso. I'm intending to repaint them in better shades of pink- both girls have pink rooms, so I need to choose colours that will match.

After that? Well I'm not too sure yet. I want to put their names on and I'm sure stamping will be involved, and a bit of sparkle and glitter!! I'll add some photos tomorrow. I think I'll start with the names and take it from there.

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