Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday's crafting session

I'm really, really lucky, because I have a couple of friends who live close by who like to craft (and stamp in particular). Most Tuesdays see Kay, Michelle and myself geting together for a craft session of some sort. We all 3 have little girls of about the same age so they play while we get inky!!

Yesterday's session was at Kay's- it's always lovely to visit someone else's stamp stash- and a lovely time was had by all, despite Michelle not being able to make it. I made 3 ATCs, pictured below.

ATC Reflection

I made the Reflection ATC first, stamping off the piece of card at the edges. I then cut up the scrap card I was working on to make the backgrounds for the other 2! Waste not, want not, as they say!!

ATC Bzzz bloom

ATC Flutter blossom

I think Flutter blossom is my favourite- the dragonfly wings are stamped onto pink vellum, and only attached at the body, so they do flutter a little bit.

Wonder what I'll make next time?


  1. I do so look forward to our crafty sessions :-) Lovely ATCs, Lisa, love those stamps!! lol

  2. Lovely ATCs Lisa. I wish I could come and stamp with you and Kay. That would be fantastic. I tried to "follow your blog" but you don't have a follow me button- I'd love to add you to my bloglist.

  3. Just looking at those stamps again....lovely, I'll have to hunt them out!!!! lol


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