Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday blues and a naughty cat

I think I have the Monday blues today, I'm hoping a quick blog post will cheer me up a bit. Woke up this morning to find a minor disaster awaiting me on my desk, courtest of my naughty cat. I've been working on a set of 10 tags for a swap with the Altered Art Tag swap group on Facebook, all of which were very nearly finished and were lined up drying on my desk. Dotty the cat had sat on my desk this morning, dipping her paw into my waterpot (I should have emptied it, I know!!!) and flicked water over 3 of my tags! They're drying on the radiator, and I'll see if anything is salvageable later on. Aaargh!!!

So, in the meantime, a couple of new ATCs to show off.

This is a little sneak peek at what my Tags will look like- a similar background and the same snooty lady stamp, but I won't tell you any more, as I want them to be a surprise.....

This is a Tim Holtz stamp, borrowed from my mate Kay, along with her background, so not much work in it from me really!!!!! Lots of beads in the corners.

OK, I feel a bit better now.....


  1. These are lovely Lisa and I look forward to seeing the rest. I have similar kitty trouble - often! Have a good day.

  2. You could always call it cat altered art, start a trend! Hehe! Fab atcs hun x


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