Wednesday, March 3, 2010


OK here's what was on my workdesk last night- and I haven't moved a thing yet today, so it's still valid as what's on my workdesk today (except there may be a black and white cat sat on it at this very moment.....)

Ummm, a bit messy, but that's me! Usual ink pads and pencils and scrap card to work on, plus a stamp catalogue and post its. Particular highlights (LOL) this week include the sheet of curled up card, upon which I was trying out my new Claudine Hellmuth Ranger Studio Paints (gooooorgeous), and some metal sheets from Paperartsy in the pink basket top right- I'm itching to have a go with them, but have been sidetracked so far.

I love my desk, it was a birthday pressie a year or so back and it's big and has a lovely tempered glass top, so it doesn't matter what I spill or drip onto it :) Ooh, you can also see the bottom of my savings tin (centre top)- it has Tigger on it and was once a cookie tin. It's been hanging around waiting to be altered, but inspiration hasn't struck, so now it's holding my pennies that I'm saving up for the next hobbycrafts show at the NEC at the end of the month. Any donations??????? LOL.

OK, so mini swing left to see the rest of the desk.....

Even messier!!! Essential babywipes- I have a 2 little(ish) children, so.babywipes are a constant requirement, after all, you can't dress dollies and separate pieces of Lego with inky fingers...... You can also see a roller stamp- I don't have a roller handle, so I use my craft knife to cut along the seams and use them as unmounted stamps. This one is some lovely flowers and was a swapsy with my  mate Kay. Plus the TV remote as well, I often have the TV on in the background or my ipod playing while I'm crafting, I'm not a work in silence person. Centre of the picture is a very battered little white envelope. Kay and I have been swapping ATCs using that envelope for over 2 years now. It's turning into a little bit of an heirloom- we're often seen passing it over in the school playground....goodness knows what the other parents think!!!

Take a look at everyone else's desk here- at Julia's blog


  1. What a busy crafter you are. Love your crafting space.
    A x

  2. Lots of lovely things on your desk. Find the envelope tale so amusing; the idea of the other parents wondering what the pair of you are up to while you swap works of art - priceless

  3. wow - you've got loads going on... love the idea of the envelope - the other mums probably think you're doing some covert operation type work on them (sorry, my imagination running away with me!)... My OH used to like to go and wait for our kids to come out and listen to the gossip from the mums in the playground - I think he misses it!!!

    Lots of colour on that paper - all totally gawjuss!!!

    Paula x x x

  4. Very Busy today. I have a saving tin too that I decided to put my craft money in only problem is I've only managed £1 as I keep spending. Hugs Pam

  5. Sorry no donations from me, Mine is for my NEC day lol.

    Looks very inviting I must say.

  6. Busy, busy, busy! My hubby has put all his change into containers for years..... last year I counted it out and got $70 in silver, which I very quickly converted into new stash! One day, he went looking for some change and found the container was empty!!! Lol, should have seen his face!


  7. I can't work in silence either...have to have the radio on just to get my bum in gear...loving your desk x

  8. believe me, what you and Kay are swapping will seem more bizarre than what they're actually thinking to some of them!! Your desk is an inspiration this week - love that sheet of paint testers.Wrap it around the tigger tin. 2 birds, one stone!!

  9. Wow - busy bee. I think Cats were born to be paper crafters. My friend Amber constantly complains about her helpful cat - but she'd be lost without her.

  10. Wow you look busy , but I think your having fun too, love your work space
    Hugs Susie xx

  11. Me too!! The telly that is..I hate not having any noise while crafting...when writing a new chapter in my new ending story, I do like it quiet tho, lovely space you have!
    The code is....dogyrows!


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