Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last week I forgot completely about What's on your workdesk Wednesday until it was far too late in the day to do anything about it. Today, however, I managed to snatch a couple of photos on my phone as I was hustling the kids out of the door at 7.30 this morning. Here's my desk....

Front and centre you can see my monthly art journal, which I try to sit down to every day or at least every couple of days. A few trusty tools of the trade are there too- tiger striped scissors, white gel pen, the white sugar bowl I use as a water pot for painting.... Also there's one of my button jars and my ice cream tub full of stamps to put away, or use.
Right in the centre top of the picture is my little ATCs folder with ATCs to swap or to back up and send off to other ATCers. It's leaning on my new ink pad shelf, a verrrrry useful addition to my desk. It was a broken bookshelf, scrounged from work, and with a bit of glue and TLC I now have a moveable ink pad shelf. 
Thought I'd give you another view this week, so here's the inspiration and reminders string that's hung on the wall above my desk.

It has various favourite and recent ATC acquisitions, my "you've won" letter from Craft Stamper, some tags, a lovely bee card I had for my birthday and couldn't bear to part with, a card from my daughter (with the puppies on) and a money off voucher for a craft shop! There's also a postcard of the delectable David Tennant as Hamlet for me to sigh over occasionally, and a lovely little saying someone sent me that tells me I'm good enough just as I am. I'm tempted to put a noticeboard up there, but a little higher up I have a lovely metal advertisement which I'm loathe to move. Does anyone else have an inspiration display space?

Take a look at some more work desks via Julia's blog.


  1. What fab stash is visible for the snoop this week. :-) Thanks
    A x

  2. Hi Lisa,

    One of the things I want to design into The Paper Palace is an Inspiration Space - right now, I have art displayed wherever I can find a place for it to stand where I think it will be safe from my mighty hunters!

    Loved looking at your space - all sorts of colorful goodies there!


  3. I never got past the art journal ... I totally love the colour and everything ... so I don't know whether your desk was tidy or not now ... that art journal is scrumptious though :0)

  4. It looks like you've just stepped away from your desk. Love the look of your art journal

  5. Great colours in that journal on your desk. Well done on scrounging the shelf, everything is useful and can be repurposed with a little thought!


  6. some awesome colour going on on your desk Lisa. Very uplifting.

    Paula x x x

  7. that journal is so vibrant your feel for colours.

  8. WOW!!! the colours of this months art journal are fantastic!!! really firey bright!

  9. Oh wow! I WISH I had display space. I wish I had crafting space, ha! Your journal pages are GORGEOUS.

  10. David Tennant! Where? Where?! Love your journal pages btw! Lol!

  11. your art journalling is stunning, really i love it!!!! lots of inspiration xxx

  12. Oh how I love that journal. I don't have an inspiration area. WOYWW is doing it for me!

  13. I find that monthly art journal a very good idea, thank you for sharing, I might start one myself!


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