Monday, June 14, 2010

JAM swap..... no it's not what you think......

,,,,no jam jars were exchanged, no lovely gooey sweet sticky stuff spread on toast. However, it is nearly as good......well, if you're into ATCs that is. I've set up a JAM swap over on Docrafts- this is where a group of 4 Jammers all do a quarter of an ATC each, with the theme being set by the originator and eventual owner. In the course of the swap, you make 4 teeny tiny pieces of art on 4 different themes, and you get to see what the others came up with as well. It's FAB!!

Well I recently got my first one back from Group 1 (I'm in 2 of the groups). My theme was houses and look what the lovely ladies in my group came up with for me.............

Now bear in mind that an ATC is only 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, about the size of a credit card, so each of these quarters is very, very small and takes a bit of working out. Great, isn't it? Mine is the top left one, and the others were superbly completed by Eve Y (top right), Carol V (bottom left) and Craft a Leigh (bottom right). Thank you ladies!! Can't wait to see my finished one from Group 6 now.....


  1. Oh how fab - beautiful details on all four quarters...they look great together.

  2. these are great. never attempted an atc before! must have a go
    debbie xxx

  3. Love those ATCs. Great idea for a swap, too. I'm a house nut, so these really spoke to me.


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