Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WOYWW- What's on your workdesk Wednesday

A bit late with this today, but to make up for being hopeless I have taken lots of photos. Forgive me?

Here's the wide shot

Swing left and you get......

The red drawers house things like adhesives, embossing powders, sponges, chalks, all those bits and pieces. The fluffy doggy is my daughter's (in her beloved shopping trolley, lol). Under my desk I have a couple of plastic drawer sets with card, paints, cuttlebug and lots of the children's art stuff.

OK, a right swing now...

My desk is an L shape and the left hand bit pulls out. I tend not to work on it because the main desktop has a glass top on it and is more protected. Anyway, this bit tends to hold works in progress (there's a mirror under there somewhere, half done!!), The folders are ATC folders, cos I've been having a little sort. This is my favourite one......

I doodled the cover, took AAAAGES. I love a bit of doodling/zentangling!

OK, last photo, a desk close up.

Some ATCs I painted yesterday, some black card cut into backs, embossing powder that is rubbish, it just doesn't emboss at all, a couple of new punches, a coloured image looking for a card, my latest JAM ATC swap, and................. the very corner of my first ATC as part of the StampMan DT. Not giving much away on that one though!

Right, I'm going to try to visit some other desks tonight, but I'm shattered, so apologies in advance if I don't get round everyone. If you want to check out more desks, go to Julia's Stamping Ground blog here.


  1. I see you have ubiquitous furry animal under your desk too! Loved the look around your stuff - and that ATC cover is fab! Happy DT days - look forward to seeing that ATC!

  2. Hi Lisa, soz I am late in popping on over here. Am loving your desk this week, especially the ATC's. Have just recently got back into these myself, they are so addictive! Have a lovely weekend, hugs Heidi xx

  3. Oh yes, me too, thought it was a dead cat!! Loved your crafty space and your stuff! and wow loved the zingyzander, (which I can't spell) thing too! You maybe late but I'm still doing the rounds!!!
    (see you next week!)


  4. fabulous shots, i want to know what is on the left of yr desk bottom shelf. x


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