Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's on my workdesk? Well, how nice of you to ask!!!!

Here's what's on my desk as of 6.30am this morning......

Not much.

A new embossing folder I bought at the weekend along with a cute Tatty Button toadstool stamp. 
My new Octopode Factory stamps that the lovely Lili sent me for getting published in Craft Stamper.
Some odds and sods I'm working on with bright colours.

My orange pop up rubbish bin looks very vivid, looks like it's been Tangoed.....

I've not felt very creative this past week, lots of horrible stuff going on at work, so at the weekend instead of making I moved things, got rid of my wooden boxes and introduced a new wire rack for my ink pads. The wooden ones might make a comeback at some point, but for now I'm liking the extra space.

For more desk nosying, go to Julia's Stamping Ground.


  1. Congratulations on your publication!!!
    Funny about your ink racks, I am moving to wooden soon.
    Keep smiling and creating

  2. love your ink pad storage,great workspace, Thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 105, #22 (please do check out my blog candy for charity)

  3. Great rack of ink pads... that was the first thing I noticed in the photo. I hope everything settles down for you at work! Congratulations on getting your work published, and happy WOYWW!

  4. It's good to change and rearrange. your desk looks good and well done on getting in CS!
    Be sure not to miss my blog candy!
    Lv JoZarty x

  5. ooooooo please show us your wine rack and how you have adapted it - loving your fantastic work space - thanks for sharing - ((HUGS))

  6. I love those wooden things, if u decide to bin em, chuck em in my direction! Now, y wud I want a huge pic of Nigel on my wall?!!

  7. What a fab desk for the start of the 3rd year of WOYWW Lisa, even if as you say there’s not a lot going on.

    It’s strange how we all have different preferences to the way we store things. My inkpads are all in plastic drawers, except for my distress inks which are in a plastic storage container on my desk.

    Happy Crafting!

  8. My inkpads are due to move too, with my few wooden stamps (I don't have many as I prefer the acrylic variety). Mine are moving into the computer drawers we bought with our old computer desk from Ikea (West Bromwich). The desk is being pensionned off and replaced with an oak knee hole desk, so I am nabbing the drawers.

  9. Hope things improve for you at work. Looks like you got some great stash there to play with when you feel ready too

  10. Love the inkpad storage. Great goodies too on your desk.

    Carol C


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