Thursday, August 1, 2019

Fish are friends, not food!

Oooh, ATC time. The crop I now go to each month- Crop Central- has started an ATC swap, which makes me very happy. I miss making ATCs and swapping them, and I was so happy to get back into the miniature groove!

Having said that, the Under the Sea theme gave me pause. I dug out my fish and reptiles stamp drawer, which just reminded me how much I love my stamps, and how gorgeous that big frog stamp is, and then I promptly went on to making other things and just kept looking at the reptily fishy goodness hoping for inspiration.

Anyone else do this? Well it didn't arrive really, so I stamped my favourites on an offcut of painty/inked card and carried on from there.

The fishes got watercoloured, gently. Then I stuck white tissue paper scraps on. I liked that, so on went pink tissue paper.

Yesterday I decided to sponge through sequin waste for a bit of greenery, and then had a little bubble brainwave, so out came the seed beads and glossy accents. Don't know if it shows up, but the eyes are glossy accented too, for extra bulge.

I still wasn't really feeling them though, I posted on the Facebook group that I was ready to start again, but then had one last pop at them.

I cut out cartoony submarines from some cool underwater paper and added a few Finding Nemo quotes, and whaddya know? I like them! I need to re do the words on the one below, because my black pen went a bit wonky, but otherwise I'm happy.

They're all a bit odd, but so am I, so that's cool.

Thanks for looking!

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