Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scrunched flowers- how to.......

I've spent the day making flowers, and I've had loads of people ask me how they're made. I can't claim any credit for these at all, there are loads of tutorials on You Tube and on lots and lots of other papercrafting blogs. I'd made a slightly different version before, but my crafting mate Kay showed Michelle and I how to make them this way a couple of weeks back.

Warning- they're addictive!.........and if you're coming to the Midlands Docrafts meet, don't read any further, as it'll ruin my demo on the day, lol!

1. Punch out 5 or 6 scalloped circles. I used a 1 3/4" Stampin' Up punch. I'm using cream copier paper here, nothing too thick.

2. Spray each punched circle a couple of times with water. You're aiming for damp rather than soggy.

3. Now the controversial bit.... scrunch each circle up  completely. No need for any uniformity, just scrunch away.

4. Now flatten out each circle and layer them up on top of each other. Try to overlap the scallops, but don't worry about it too much.

5. Poke a hole in the centre of the stack of circles. Be careful, the paper tears easily once it's wet.

6. Push a brad through the hole and open it out on the back. For this version of the flower, I've used up some mini heart shaped brads that I had lying around.

Turn over the flower.

7. Scrunch the first layer of the flower up around the head of the brad. Scrunch quite tight, you can always loosen it out later on.

8. Carry on scrunching each layer up in turn in a random way.

9. Once you've scrunched them all up, gently tease the petals open slightly until you're happy with the result.

10. You can have the flower as open or closed as you require. I've added a dab or two of stickles for glittery shine.

These are only scrunched up slightly, and I've added some stamens (and used matching brads, cos they're on show, lol). There are loads of variations.



  1. Beautiful idea and great tutorial. Thanks for sharing it and have a lovely evening. Angela

  2. Gorgeous flowers and a fab tutorial, guess I will be giving this a go. I am from the East Midlands but not been to any Docraft meets.
    Christine x

  3. Great minds think alike! I was making these with my daughter in law this afternoon and she took them home thrilled with the effect. Yours look so delicate in cream will have to give copier paper a go!

  4. Neat tutorial!! There are so many neat flower making techniques around at the mo - I can't keep up!! (and you are right, they are addictive!!)

  5. i think this is totally brilliant i am going on a flower frenzy atm but mine never look anygood so they havent made it on a card


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