Saturday, July 27, 2019

Fairy jar. Pixie jar. Sprite jar.

ATC time. Hooray! 

These are for a swap- the theme was the letter J. 

I'd made the background with ink drips, ink sponged through a Lollipop Box Club stencil, and some stamping with a fishnet background stamp I'd forgotten I had.

The jars and fairies were stamped onto tissue paper, then glued on to the ATC with pritt stick. I wanted a glassy finish, so I covered the jar with Glossy accents. It worked so well!

The words are stamped and cut out- J for jar remember?

I edged with my trusty black pen. Always with the pen!!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Post TKD Meal

OK, so today my habit of naming my posts after the title or sentiment on the layout of card I've made is a bit dodgy..... ah well, I'll stick to it, I'm not one to back down from a questionable title!

Today's layout is a 12x12, inspired by the gorgeous floral paper which is so lovely it makes me smile to see it. I'm not usually a very floral person, but the colours on this page are smashing!

Faces covered up beacuse there's someone on there who doesn't belong to me!!!

I've got a stock of little word and phrase strips now, and they're fab to layer up at the side of a photo. For this one I went in descending size order for some reason- looks nice I guess!!!

These are interesting thickers- half wood effect, they remind me of laminate flooring! I do like the different colours in the pack though, it makes it much more versatile.

The backgroun of the page is splattered with pale pink paint- just a bit of something extra, and it brings the pink in from the flowers.

I do love an artistic splatter...

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Coffee and friends

A couple of simple cards to show today. This is an old Stampin' Up set, but it's so useful! 

I went for a simple watercolouring on the coffee cups, I like making the steam.

I added some washi tape to one of them, kinda wish I'd done it on both now. Ah hindsight!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


I do love to create in my TN. I have a long history of making ATCs, so the smaller size of a traveller's notebook appeals to me. I often use scraps from other projects on these dinky pages. As is the case in this one- the background is left over from a 12x12 page I'd painted and stamped (take a look- it's called Summer).

For this page I picked all of the pretty offcuts and punchings on my workmat and used them.

I'm quite partial to wonky lettering too. Life's too short to line letters up... Spot my beloved scribbly circle stamp from Lollipop Box Club too.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Love you

How do you start a layout? It's any number of things for me. This time it was the green frondy paper, and an idea of a page I'd seen on pinterest with a black and white stripe down one side.

I went for splodgy paint on the stencilled sun (another Lollipop Box Club treasure), along with some splashes of paint on the side. 

I worked ridiculously hard to get the words "the good stuff" to appear under the photo section. I kept covering it up with things and having to unstick them. I was determined to have it there. Can you spot the Hema washi tape with golden monkeys?

I'm partial to a paperclip, and I like paper that looks like it's been torn out of a notebook- another favourite punch. I splodged some paint on the paper to echo the green.

Hope you like it. Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 19, 2019


Another page from the July Crop Central today. 

Not quite sure what prompted this one. I went for the photo first and edged it with my favourite drippy goo punch. After that it seemed sensible to go for some other drips- orange to match H's top.

I had a little stamp set with me at crop, and only a black ink pad, so I stamped! The scribbled circle is from an old Lollipop Box Club kit. I use it so much. I added some extra doodled swirls and circled and dots.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Craftermath! Tidying my craft space.

On Friday I moved my desk around- I craft in our dining room, but I was in the darkest corner, so my husband helped me to move the furniture round so I'm now sat by a window. Much better! Once you start moving things about though, it's difficult to stop, so I had a serious case of tidying up required. Look at the state of that desk. I'm a messy crafter, but I do try to tidy up from time to time!

Here's the finished desk- I'll never be a minimalist...

My bunting project- halfway though! I love the pull out section of my desk- it makes it an L shape and it's handy for drying space.

I have a swivelly penpot thingy which I love, it's handy for access. The little wooden boxes came from an old workplace, and I'm very attached to them. Amazing what you can't be without isn't it?

Spot the Disney mug too.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

On the front

After making my bunting I had some offcuts of paper spare. I love this photo of my husband and girlie on the front at Weston-Super-Mare. This layout came together really quickly- half an hour before I went up to bed and wahey, there it was.

You guessed it, more black pen. It just works!

I needed a journaling card, so I cut this cute circle in 2. I often cut things in half to make it go further, and it all matches then! 

I love the fairground paper, I think it's Maggie Holmes. It was in the sale at Hobbycraft for a bargain price, I do so love a bar-gain!

I came back to this page the next morning, and it just needed something else, so I picked up the colour of my girl's top in the orange triangles. It's OK to come back and change or add things later- the benefit of perspective!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 14, 2019


Ooh I've had some fun this weekend. You know when inspiration hits, and then, joy of joys, everything works out and it looks just how you'd imagined it in your fevered little mind? NO? Just me then!

I made bunting.

Lovingly displayed on Daisy the cow. Temporary home only until I decide where needs adorning with my masterpiece.

It has pics of my loved ones, kinda like a bunting family tree, including the cats (well a couple of them!)

I'm so happy with how it turned out.

OK so it started with these little triangles of chipboard with a weird laminated coating on one side. I've had them since forever, and they turned up again this weekend when I moved my desk space around (more on that in another post). They had 30p price labels on the back, but I'm pretty sure I ha them cheaper than that. new mantra is to use it or lose it (let's see how long that lasts). If I'm not going to use something, I have to get rid of it, either give it away or sell it. I'm hoarding way too much!

I covered them in pretty papers, I went for some pretty ones that caught my eye and some monochrome to contrast, then edged with a black ink pad to pull it all together. 

I cut out lots of the little frames from a Lollipop Box Club kit sheet, and then matched them up to photos- boy did that take some time! I cut out some scallops for the top of each triangle and matched the framed photos with bits and pieces- lots from Lollipop Box Club kits, and a few from my stash.

Here's some close ups.

I edged everything with black pen- when don't I? I should have shares in Uniball pens.

 The triangles are linked with pink twine- again that took a while to work out, but I got there. It hangs really well.

I even gave myself the fabulous cut out- it feels weird including myself- usually it's everyone else, but I read something recently about moms photos not being in the family albums, so I'm trying to get in there.

Whatcha think? Do you like my bunting take on scrapbooking my family?

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


First Saturday in the month can mean only one thing- crop Saturday! Yay! I'm loving going to Crop Central each mont, the ladies there are smashing, and it's so nice to give myself permission to have a crafting day, nothing else interrupting!

This was made with the remnants of the crop kit from last month, I loved the paper and flower, but hadn't got round to using them. Seeing as I hadn't even unpacked from last month, let alone attempted any layouts, this was top of my list.

It's rare I use just a sheet of patterned paper without cutting it, or adding something to it, but this one just worked being simple.

The photo is of my fabulous clematis that blooms and blooms each year and cheers us up at the start of Spring.

I love these little fabric covered button/flairs, they look like sweeties.

It was all a bit too sweet for me, so out came my black pen and before I kknew it I'd squiggled all round the edges, and outlined the photo and mount. It's such a simple way of making the images pop out- I recommend it!

More posts on my crop makes to follow. I was super-productive (for me!) at this one, so keep your eyes peeled...

Thanks for looking.