Tuesday, May 13, 2014

40? Nah........

My baby brother was 40 a week or two ago. Not sure how that happened, as I'm only 26....... 

I went for a doodled card- I know he likes them! The little house is Paperartsy.

I replaced the number with a 40, and added lots of cross hatching for shading in green, yellow and orange. I'm posting this as a bit of DT inspiration for the fab That Craft Place blog- nip over for a looksee if you get chance- mind you, be warned, if you spend much time in the online shop, you'll be a few quid lighter!!!! Lovely stuff :)


  1. Gorgeous card. Love your color choices.

  2. So cute! Love the idea of replacing the house number with the age. The cross hatching is clever too! Erin xx


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