Sunday, May 27, 2018


Day 3 of the tags! This time I made a scrapbook page.

I had a lovely photo of my girl in the sunshine, so that was the focal point of the page, with a white border. I chose the sunshiney day tag as the main page embellishment.

I painted again on the page, blue and white and yellow, with more yellow through the sunburst mask to frame the photo. 

I'd cut the white fabric with the eyelets off a pair of shorts, and as you do when you're a crafter, I put the n one side, because you never know when a page will need eyelets, right?

The tag fits in rather well, at a jaunty angle.

I couldn't find a word that fit in the right size, so I wrote Sunshine along the side of the page, and drew round it until it was big and bold enough.

I've not been brave enough to write on a page like this before, particularly a page that I'd nearly finished, but I think the bravery paid off, it looks good!

Thanks for looking!

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