Saturday, July 14, 2018

Tags- Hello lovely.

I made tags! Just for the hell of it. I started off with no idea what I was going to use them for, but as I went along some themes emerged! I really enjoyed making them, just because.

The base are white tags, with scraps of patterned paper stuck on. Then I went over the top with scrapes of pink and yellow paint. It was a little bright, so I tones it down with white gesso.

I use an old credit card to scrape the paint on, and a brush to paint through a hexagonal stencil.

The diecuts came from various sets, I just went for colour matches. Plus sequins, some words, and dew drops.

I went for a cake theme with this one. I thought it might work on a layout for an afternoon tea I recently went to. I added number and other odd stickers from an old set, again, just looking for colours.

I finished off with doodles in black ink to edge and finish off these 2 tags. 

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