Tuesday, August 25, 2020


 I have a backlog of projects to share so I’m going to start with some happy rainbows. Everyone’s been on the rainbow vibe recently for obvious reason and I’m nothing if not predictable! Early on in lockdown I used my newly found crochet skills to make a couple of rainbows for my window. One much more successful than the other. This one was lovely but a tad floppy when hung up  

So I tried again and this little beaut came together much better and with a cardboard reinforced centre it’s lasted for months. 

I love it’s chunky style  

That’s not the end of my rainbow ambitions. I also hosted a fat page swap with a rainbow theme. For those who aren’t aware, a fat page is a 4 inch square art piece that you swap with others. I had a lovely time getting the ink sprays out.

How did I get such lovely curved bands I hear you cry? Well I cut myself a template from some spare acetate and then spent several hours wiping excess ink off it. Not my finest hour, but it worked. 

I’d had a quote stamp in mind since I set up the swap theme. 
Very apt for the times were in doncha think? I added heat embossed white stars and some little stamped clouds from book pages. 

 I love how they turned out so much. I made a couple of spares so I’ll show you how they turned into cards on another post. 

I’ll finish with a peek at the fat page swaps before they went postal. 

Thanks for looking!

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