Sunday, June 2, 2019

Close up

It was my second visit to the Central Crop this weekend. I finished 3 layouts and I'm halfway through a third, so not too bad but I do need to quicken up a bit. I had a lovely time chatting away though!

This layout was the product of a little challenge from 2 of my fellow cropees. I've had a funny little stamp kit with me- this one here.

Image result for amy tangerine stamp wild about you
I was challenged to use all of the stamps together. They are an eclectic mix...

I went for a technique I've used before- I masked off an area on the background, then added splodges of ink and lots and lots of stamping.

Kinda works, right? It needed a weird photo to match, so I chose this one of our lovely weird Luna cat.

Thanks for looking!

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