Friday, January 3, 2020

Tagging away- a challenge

OK, so there was a challenge. I'm pretty sure it was on the Lollipop Box Club facebook page, but I may be wrong, anyway, the challenge was to make a tag from scraps. I liked that challenge. Here's the bits and offcuts that were lurking in a box on my desk. Anyone else do that? Just stuff things in a box thinking it's tidying up?

So- I took 3 tags. I mean, make 1 tag? What am I, an amateur? Why make 1 when you can make multiples?

The tags got sprayed with ink. 

Whilst I was there I sprayed some scrap card too. Might as well!

For some reason I had a little flag, that originally came in a burger I think. Ah, the tat I save... I covered it in red card.

And then I placed it all out. I'd got a scrap of stripey card that I'd punched a hole out of, and it frames my ink splodges beautifully.

OK then, now I had a purpose. This could be used on a card. For my anniversary. Hurray, let's get some more love on there.

I do so love tissue paper.

Righto. Tag 2. I wanted to use up a little frame, so I frames a snippet of a tree. Cute.

I quite like things dangling over the sides a bit haphazard. As long as you realise it's meant to be that way, 'K?

Little leftover clouds too!

The flag/tags I used at the top were in a pack of about 50 I've had for a while, very versatile!

I'd got a mis-stamped, smudged quote ying about too, so I cut out the words that still looked OK.

Spare leaves, and tissue paper again.

I've been itching to use that ickle pin sticker.

Et voila- another card I think!

This one I don't have many process photos for, just the after pics. I'd got a Tatty Button stamped image left over, so on she went.

The littel spotty flair button has been collecting dust on my desk for months.

White pen for pop!

And a doodled border. Yet another card!

Thanks for looking!

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