Tuesday, December 31, 2019


New Year's Eve- time for reflection I guess. I'm not a big new year's eve fan, but I do love New Year's Day.

I thought I'd end the year with my favourite layout. Maybe my favourite ever, but definitely this year.

For a start it's an awesome photo of my girl laughing, it's pretty awesome all on it's own. 

I'd had a big sort out of my ribbon drawers, and pulled out lots that I didn't want anymore, and lots of odds and ends that I'd kept. You know the inch here and there that you cut off a project and think- it'll come in... and then it never does?

Well I found a use for them. A rainbow of ribbon offcuts stapled onto my layout.

Awesome take 2, right? And my favourite layout. Because of the smile on the photo, but also because it was a bit of inspiration that used up something I'd have thrown away, and it looks so pretty!

Thanks for looking, and may inspiration strike you often in 2020.

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