Thursday, January 3, 2019

Christmas scraps

Each Christmas I find myself squirreling away tags as the children pull them off their gifts, folding pretty pieces of paper neatly, and snatching tissue paper before it goes into the recycling. I stalk the Christmas dinner table for ribbon from crackers, and cut interesting tags off new acquisitions because I like the tag or the string that attaches it.... and I know I'm not alone. I know lots of other crafters out there will have finished the festive season with a little pile of shiny things that caught their eye- when asked what I'm saving them for I don't have an answer except that I really, really like them, and they'll come in useful.....

Well this year I used them early on my traveler's notebook. It's awaiting a photo, which I haven't printed yet. I may add a couple and insert an extra mini page/hinge in the middle of the spread. 

The tag is for a little bit of journaling. I used stamps from this month's Lollipop Box Club- teeny little stars and a versatile scribbled circle. I was quite proud of the 2018- wrote it myself donchaknow.

Anyone else save interesting stamps?  The Harry Potter fabric tag was irritating my daughter in her new clothes, off it came and into my little collection of stuff! 

My red stripy washi sets it all off nicely, although the Mickey tissue paper has gotten a bit lost, never mind I've got lots more to use elsewhere!

My usual trick of doodling round the edges of things... It's never perfect but it does seem to set things off.

I've still got a few bits left to use up, so there may be another Christmassy project on the way.

Thanks for looking!

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