Friday, January 4, 2019

Planner stickers- I've got this!

Ooh I love making things! I haven't been inky in ages, and I loved getting into properly making stuff yesterday.

I have had a Lollipop Box Club box over Christmas and I wanted to use some of the gorgeousness, but I'm always a bit tentative when it comes to diving in and using new goodies. I have to overcome my squirrelling away tendencies slowly...

So, I used some of the paper, the sweet little stamp set of stars and scribbled circle, and the feather/leaf stencil. I plan in a classic Happy Planner, and although I have bought stickers specifically for it, I quite like the idea of making things that are personal to me. So, I made some "stickers" for next week.

I started off with a 5x3inch piece of pale blue paper, enough o make 4.5x2.5 inch blocks. I stencilled with Tumbled Glass Distress Ink, and stamped with yellow and pink Impress inks. It looked like this-

I then cut it into 4 blocks and added stickers from the LBC box, some offset at an angle, and another one cut down into single words- fiddly but I do love some words on things I create.

My black and white pens came out- doodling round the edges, and round the stickers.

A top tip is to use white pen to make things pop. I love my Posca pen, and the white dots on the stars make them shine!

Finally- here's how it looks in my planner. I'm not one for oodles of decoration, but I love how these look. 

Thanks for looking!

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