Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Craftermath! Tidying my craft space.

On Friday I moved my desk around- I craft in our dining room, but I was in the darkest corner, so my husband helped me to move the furniture round so I'm now sat by a window. Much better! Once you start moving things about though, it's difficult to stop, so I had a serious case of tidying up required. Look at the state of that desk. I'm a messy crafter, but I do try to tidy up from time to time!

Here's the finished desk- I'll never be a minimalist...

My bunting project- halfway though! I love the pull out section of my desk- it makes it an L shape and it's handy for drying space.

I have a swivelly penpot thingy which I love, it's handy for access. The little wooden boxes came from an old workplace, and I'm very attached to them. Amazing what you can't be without isn't it?

Spot the Disney mug too.

Thanks for looking!

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