Thursday, April 19, 2018

Be like Benny- TN

Another day, another traveller's notebook page. I had a couple of strips of starry paper left in my scraps pile so I layered them onto the page. I knew just which photo I wanted to use..

Benny! Love a bit of Lego Movie, and Benny is one of our favourites. He's on the shelf as I type smiling at me. This page sat on my desk for a day, as I couldn't quite decide what to do with it. In the end another scrap of paper caught my eye.

I drew some swooshes onto this spotty scrap and cut out.

I was impressed with how well they contrasted with the black background once I'd fanned them out. I wanted them to go of the edges.

Stuck on with glue, I then needed to snip the overhanging edges off. I'm sure everyone know the trick of turning the page over to use the reverse as a guideline for cutting.

Voila! Now, what to do about those pencil marks. I could have rubbed them out, but that seemed like a lot of effort...

Yep, I drew round them in ink instead, Feature!

Next some words. I have a few of these little alphabet sets they're so versatile. I tend to scribble down what I want to stamp out, and cross the words out as I stamp them. I don't do it all in order- I needed 2 Benny's for example, so I did them at the same time.

I roughly cut round the words, and glued them on. I kinda like them a bit higgledy piggledy. I outlined the words in white pen, and then decided it needed some black on the word edges as well. The photo below shows how it looks with and without the black outline on the words.

And here it is. Be more Benny.

Black letters for Benny, and some white dots for extra pop.

Outlined with black washi tape.

Love, love, love this little page!


Paper: Crate Paper- Maggie Holmes- Carousel- Cotton Candy
Card: White rom stash
TN: Carpe Diem

Embellishments: White Posca pen, Black uni-pen 0.5 nib
Studio G alphabet
Black washi from stash

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